I found peace with myself when I open my heart and loved. I open my eyes and I saw the light. I turn the key and the door open. I take my first step toward change. And tears began to fall because it felt like love was all over me. And when I looked up to the sky it opened up to me. It felt like I had the power to change the world. And with that power comes duty that I didn't sign up for. But I felt that if I had to take on the duty to continue to feel that power I will do what I have to do.

So I open my heart and give my all. I watch people that think it's easy to have the heart of a giant; to love so big you can do nothing but cry. And saying to yourself, "If they only knew the pain people go through for them they would stop killing and hurting each other." I don't know why they think it’s only them hurting and in pain. When you bleed I bleed in my heart. See, the difference between your bleeding and mine is that you can stop yours but I can't stop mine. Its killing me softly. It’s like the air is getting taken away from me every second I breathe. Let us open of eyes, heart and mind to change. We don't want more casket doors closed before there time.

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I set my dream on the lives of our kids because they are the future. All they need is someone to believe in them and I want to be that person for them. Our kids have hearts like angels, but they don’t get the chance to spread their wings. Have you ever look into a kid eyes and seen their desire, drive, love and gift? All they ask for is someone to love and trust them in order to help them grow into their purpose in life. I, Travis, desire to feed the kids heart with love, hope, and guidance. My wealth on this earth is that. Because I know how it feels to not feel love- seeking for love in all the wrong places and making decisions that I was sure were the right ones. I was blessed to have people in my life to keep me on the right path, but most of my friends weren’t so lucky. You ask, ”What’s the catch?” And I reply, “Saving a child’s life.”
Where my heart is love shines..

All images used are licensed under Our Chance Enterprise - 2013